April Marlowe’s Abortion- 25a Downstairs Belvoir April -May 2020


April is an over-thinker, hurtling towards the end of her messy twenties when a surprise pregnancy knocks her for six. Amongst the chaos of moving out of her share house and her partner’s sudden departure to Antarctica, she bumps into a high school lover, is visited by the ghost of her great-grandmother and becomes saddled with a strange fourteen-year-old girl she’s not sure what to do with.

April Marlowe’s Abortion is a fresh, new comedy (yes, it is a comedy) about what it’s like to be right at the edge of something and have no clue what to do. Despite her best efforts April’s decisions take on epic proportions, in a journey taking you from the red sand of Central Australia, to the icy Antarctic and back to inner-city Sydney. Bursting with heart and imagination, this is a celebration of choice in all it’s weird, wonderful complexity.

Michelle will be playing April’s mum, Sally. Mum loves her chooks, the pool, the local book club… and just wishes April would call more often!

Presented by Snatched Collective.

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