Chain Play Slanted Theatre part of Sydney Fringe Festival

“Michelle Masefield (Mary) undermines the trope of the stable, older co-worker with the boldness and cheekiness of her asides. Funny, engaging, and contemplative, Chain Play is clearly a source of joy and pride for its creators. Their enthusiasm shines through every element of the production. This show is an undeniable victory for Slanted Theatre Company.” Theatre Travels

Two new Asian-Australian plays will premiere at the Sydney Fringe Festival as part of Chain Play, the newest production from acclaimed theatre company Slanted Theatre. The production will be performed from 20-24 September at Flight Path Theatre, Marrickville.

This exciting, energetic double bill features contributions from an intergenerational team of 40 Asian-Australian creatives, including 12 emerging playwrights, 13 performers and an extensive creative team.

Under the guidance of Artistic Director Tiffany Wong (Slanted Theatre: Three Fat Virgins Unassembled, Sydney Theatre Company: Top Coat), each play has been written and developed by 6 playwrights in a truly collaborative process. Each playwright contributed just a single scene before passing their pen over to the next writer, with each successive writer only getting to read the scene immediately before theirs.

Michelle plays aged care worker, Mary, in Chain Play- Red ( aka Where There’s a Will There is a Way).

The Sweet Science of Bruising by Joy Wilkinson Directed by Carly Fisher

The Sweet Science of Bruising offers an impactful, emotionally powerful, and thematically resonant production. With impressively strong performances by its four leads and the supporting cast, this is a show that, with a few more technical tweaks, can really offer a K.O” Theatre Thoughts

“Under the direction of Fisher, there is no weak link in the cast.”
– Theatre Thoughts 

“Seriously good across the board – writing, acting, staging, costumes, set, use (sometimes non-use) of sounds – even small details and characters have been carefully nourished.” Chuck Moore Reviews

London 1869. Four very different Victorian women are drawn into the dark underground world of female boxing by the eccentric Professor Sharp. Controlled by men and constrained by corsets, each finds an unexpected freedom in the boxing ring. A place where their lives, decisions, futures are in their own hands for the first time.

They may each get in the ring in pursuit of the title of Lady Boxing Champion of the World but what each stands to gain from every bout far exceeds any title.  The women punch for recognition, they jab for education, they spar for a future, they fight for survival. 

Joy Wilkinson’s play The Sweet Science of Bruising is an epic tale of passion, politics and pugilism. This production marks the show’s Australian premiere. 

Michelle plays the role of Aunt George.

Ate Lovia By Jordan Shea Directed by Kenneth Morelada

12th May- 4th June, 2022 Old Fitz, Woolloomooloo.

Ate Lovia (pronunced AH-teh low-VEE-yah) is a new Filipino-Australian drama, that explores
what it means to stay loyal to your family, no matter how brutal it gets.
Life seems to be looking up for the Ejercito family in 1996, despite a new boom of conservatism
spearheaded by John Howard and Pauline Hanson.. Nineteen year old Lovia falls in love for the
first time, her alcoholic, disenfranchised father Jovy finally gets a job, and her brother Vergel
lands a role in an ultra-fabulous amateur production of a Broadway classic.
Ate Lovia brings together a cast and creative team of seasoned veterans and burgeoning
newcomers for kwento’s debut production.

Michelle understudied the role of Wendy in the opening week that was affected by COVID.

Roman Berry in the Australian Filipina wrote, ‘Kudos also to understudy Michelle Masefield who played as Wendy, due to Covid. Book in hand, the character revealed as thoughtful, endearing and selfless.”

Read the full review here:–kwento–musings-on-ate-lovia-stage-play

Winners Announced For The 2020 BroadwayWorld Sydney Awards.

Winners have been announced for the 2020 BroadwayWorld Sydney Awards – which were back bigger than ever, celebrating the best in local theatre of the past decade!

Michelle received Best Supporting Actress Award in a Play ( Community) for her role/s as Queen Catherine and Ma Gwynn in Nell Gwynn. Congratulations to everyone involved.

Broadway World Regional Awards 2020- Sydney

Michelle has been nominated for a Broadway World Regional Award for her work in Nell Gwynn in 2019. She has been nominated for Best Supporting Actress. Michelle played a multitude of roles including Queen Catherine and Ma Gwynn.

‘In a time when theatre across the globe is facing unprecedented obstacles – we wanted to take the time to celebrate past achievements while looking forward to the productions of the future! The 2020 BroadwayWorld Regional Awards are presented by TodayTix!

Community theatre productions, student productions, and college productions are all included! (Please check respective category rules.) Eligibility is for productions which opened between 2011 and September 30th, 2020.Voting will run through December 31. Winners will be announced in January!

Voting is now open for the BroadwayWorld Sydney Awards – which are back bigger than ever, celebrating the best in local theatre of the past decade! Our local editors have set the categories, our readers have submitted nominees, and now YOU get to vote for your favorites!’

April Marlowe’s Abortion- 25a Downstairs Belvoir April -May 2020


April is an over-thinker, hurtling towards the end of her messy twenties when a surprise pregnancy knocks her for six. Amongst the chaos of moving out of her share house and her partner’s sudden departure to Antarctica, she bumps into a high school lover, is visited by the ghost of her great-grandmother and becomes saddled with a strange fourteen-year-old girl she’s not sure what to do with.

April Marlowe’s Abortion is a fresh, new comedy (yes, it is a comedy) about what it’s like to be right at the edge of something and have no clue what to do. Despite her best efforts April’s decisions take on epic proportions, in a journey taking you from the red sand of Central Australia, to the icy Antarctic and back to inner-city Sydney. Bursting with heart and imagination, this is a celebration of choice in all it’s weird, wonderful complexity.

Michelle will be playing April’s mum, Sally. Mum loves her chooks, the pool, the local book club… and just wishes April would call more often!

Presented by Snatched Collective.

Neighbourhood Watch by Lally Katz

Michelle Assistant Directed and acted in Neighbourhood Watch. Roles included Katrina and the Gypsy.

Kevin Rudd is Prime Minister at home and the US has elected
Barack Obama as President. The world is changing and anything
seems possible.
But for Catherine, an out-of-work actor hung up on her ex-boyfriend,
her world is stuck in suburbia. Her flatmate Ken aspires to be a film
writer, but spends his time playing video games and watching The
West Wing.
Then Catherine meets Ana, an elderly Hungarian immigrant who
is carrying the weight of the twentieth century on her shoulders.
The two strike up an unlikely friendship and Catherine’s life is
transformed by Ana’s stories of survival in the old country.
Both woman are stuck in their own pasts, but this friendship might
just be the spark that helps Catherine deal with her own past and
gives Ana one last great friendship at a time when she feels most

July 27 to August 18

Performance rights for NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH exclusively
licensed by The Yellow Agency, 45/61 Marlborough St
Surry Hills NSW 2010

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