Ate Lovia By Jordan Shea Directed by Kenneth Morelada

12th May- 4th June, 2022 Old Fitz, Woolloomooloo.

Ate Lovia (pronunced AH-teh low-VEE-yah) is a new Filipino-Australian drama, that explores
what it means to stay loyal to your family, no matter how brutal it gets.
Life seems to be looking up for the Ejercito family in 1996, despite a new boom of conservatism
spearheaded by John Howard and Pauline Hanson.. Nineteen year old Lovia falls in love for the
first time, her alcoholic, disenfranchised father Jovy finally gets a job, and her brother Vergel
lands a role in an ultra-fabulous amateur production of a Broadway classic.
Ate Lovia brings together a cast and creative team of seasoned veterans and burgeoning
newcomers for kwento’s debut production.

Michelle understudied the role of Wendy in the opening week that was affected by COVID.

Roman Berry in the Australian Filipina wrote, ‘Kudos also to understudy Michelle Masefield who played as Wendy, due to Covid. Book in hand, the character revealed as thoughtful, endearing and selfless.”

Read the full review here:–kwento–musings-on-ate-lovia-stage-play

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