Chain Play Slanted Theatre part of Sydney Fringe Festival

“Michelle Masefield (Mary) undermines the trope of the stable, older co-worker with the boldness and cheekiness of her asides. Funny, engaging, and contemplative, Chain Play is clearly a source of joy and pride for its creators. Their enthusiasm shines through every element of the production. This show is an undeniable victory for Slanted Theatre Company.” Theatre Travels

Two new Asian-Australian plays will premiere at the Sydney Fringe Festival as part of Chain Play, the newest production from acclaimed theatre company Slanted Theatre. The production will be performed from 20-24 September at Flight Path Theatre, Marrickville.

This exciting, energetic double bill features contributions from an intergenerational team of 40 Asian-Australian creatives, including 12 emerging playwrights, 13 performers and an extensive creative team.

Under the guidance of Artistic Director Tiffany Wong (Slanted Theatre: Three Fat Virgins Unassembled, Sydney Theatre Company: Top Coat), each play has been written and developed by 6 playwrights in a truly collaborative process. Each playwright contributed just a single scene before passing their pen over to the next writer, with each successive writer only getting to read the scene immediately before theirs.

Michelle plays aged care worker, Mary, in Chain Play- Red ( aka Where There’s a Will There is a Way).

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